Meet Our Members

Mosaic of OLLI community members in classrooms and exploring the world

Meet Our Members 

OLLI @Berkeley is a membership community more than 2,500 strong — a contingent of lifelong learners ages 50 and above insatiably curious about the world. 

They are readers, writers, justice-fighters, performing-arts-goers, hikers, builders, travelers, gardeners, volunteers, sports fans, film buffs, and (as a surprise to approximately no one) enthusiastic hand-raisers. 

What connects them to one another, to OLLI, and to the Berkeley campus is a passion for acquiring new and deeper knowledge and understanding — a grounding in the how’s, why’s, when’s, who’s and what’s behind any subject. 

All are welcome! No Cal affiliation is required to join — simply a love of learning and engaging (without homework, exams or grades.)

By the Numbers

Roughly 50 percent of our members are affiliated with UC Berkeley (alumni, parents of alumni, retired or current faculty and staff) and a full one hundred percent have decades of lived experiences that inform their thinking, perspectives and interests. 

While most members live in the Bay Area with the majority residing in the East Bay, online learning opportunities have expanded member locales to points throughout the country.

Life Outside of Class

Our members come together to learn together — and have fun together — both inside classrooms and out of them. They create and join interest groups and clubs, organize Member Meetups, go on field trips, enjoy good cheer at social gatherings and develop new and meaningful friendships. Most events are sponsored by our hardworking Member Services Committee.

Getting Involved

A number of members support us at an organizational level, volunteering their time, talents and energy to serve on committees or in other capacities. If you're a member who'd like to volunteer, log into your OLLI account, and explore the volunteer opportunities listed in your Member Dashboard.