Principles of Community

Maintaining a Positive and Inclusive Learning Experience

OLLI @Berkeley seeks to nurture and sustain a community culture aligned with our university’s Principles of Community: Mindful, honest, respectful, just, open, curious, ambitious, inclusive, and kind.

As we come together, please hold these personal and collective principles to heart:

  • Listen actively and speak mindfully. Respect others when they are talking. Another opinion, even a challenging one, can help you further develop your ideas and plans. Give space for others to contribute by demonstrating self-discipline.
  • Be conscious of intent vs. impact. Be mindful of your intentions and the potential impact of your words. Engage with care and openness.
  • Be gracious to others. Assume positive intent on the part of others.
  • Be kind to yourself. We’re all human. Think about how you speak to the people you care about, and apply that voice and message to yourself.
  • Speak from your own experience. Be mindful of biases, generalizations, privileges and absolutes. 
  • Be civil. Civility is the hallmark of this community. We believe in freedom of expression and freedom from threats to safety, both physical and emotional.
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality. Be careful not to speak for others or share something communicated in a private or safe space. 

OLLI community members should contact the OLLI Business & Operations Manager if they are concerned that these principles of community are not being adhered to and respected. 

OLLI Community Agreements are designed to guide staff, members, and faculty by providing descriptions of behaviors that align with the principles of our community and campus.